Rendez Vous Cafe & Crêperie was started in June of 2012. We are proud to be the first crêpe bar on Main Street Hyannis! Our menu features creative, freshly made crêpes and panini sandwiches, as well as organic, local, fair trade coffee.

The cafe is a popular place for locals and visitors to enjoy fresh food, meet with friends or colleagues, or gather for an event.

Rendez Vous Cafe has a strong focus on arts, music, and culture. We regularly host events such as Egyptian Dance, Argentine Tango, Open Mic, Art Showings and various other musical groups and solo acts.

Please contact the manager for information about holding your event or performing at the Cafe.

We are open year round, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.

We will be open in the evening every 3rd Saturday of the month for Cairo Nights featuring Egyptian Dance by Troupe Isis.

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