Sweet Crepes

Butter, Syrup, or Honey 4.95
Lemon and Sugar 5.95
Cookies and Cream 6.95
Blueberries and Honey 6.95
Candied Apples 6.95
Peanut Butter and Jelly 7.95
Banana’s Foster 6.95
Nutella and Fluff 6.95
Chocolate Chip 5.95
Strawberry Compote 6.95
Cinnamon Sugar 5.95
Brown Sugar Crumble 5.95
S’Mores 6.95

Cold Sandwiches

Caesar Chicken 6.95
Grilled chicken, crisp Romaine, house Caesar dressing in a multigrain wrap

Club Turkey 8.95
Sliced turkey, bacon, Romaine, tomato and mayo on multigrain

Waldorf Chicken Salad 8.95
Roasted chicken, caramelized shallot, Candied walnuts, granny smith apples on brioche

Tuna Salad 7.95
Lemon and black pepper with shaved red onion on brioche

BLT 8.95
Cherrywood smoked bacon, romaine, tomato, and garlic aioli on baguette

Puritan Chicken 8.95
Sliced chicken breast, Great hill cheese, greens and EVOO on a multi grain pocket

Chickpea and Beet Salad Wrap 8.95
Lemony chickpea salad with onion, walnuts, beets, goat cheese and baby spinach

Add egg to crepe or sandwich for 1.00$

Hot Panini

All sandwiches come with chips, an apple or banana

Monte Cristo 8.95
Maple dipped country bread, B1ack Forest ham, smoked turkey and gruyere cheese

Chicken Bacon Ranch 7.95
Sliced chicken breast, cherrywood bacon, tomato, and herb mayo

Turkey Reuben9.95
Turkey, sauerkraut, Russian dressing and Gruyere cheese on a toasted pretzel bun

Chicken Capri 8.95
Eggplant puree, ricotta cheese, roasted tomatoes, chicken and baby spinach

Apricot Chicken 8.95
Sliced chicken bread, brie cheese and apricot preserves on ciabatta

BBQ Bacon and Roast Pork 10.95
With Great Hill blue cheese and candied shallot on ciabatta

Pesto Chicken Wrap 8.95
Chicken, pesto, tomato, mozzarella, baby spinach, garlic aioli on a grilled multigrain wrap

Caprese 7.95
Tomato, basil, mozzarella and EVOO on multigrain

Chipotle chicken 8.95
Chipotle Aioli, roasted chicken, baby spinach, corn salsa, and mozzarella on a wrap

Cuban Pork 10.95
Braised pork shoulder, ham, gruyere, Dijon, home made pickles on ciabatta

Portobello Burger 9.95
Whole grilled portobello, carmelized shallots, baby spinach, and blue cheese on brioche

Savory Crepes

Pesto Chicken 7.95
Pesto mayo, roasted tomato, mozzarella cheese

Roasted corn 7.95
Roast corn, black beans, red onion, cilantro, lime and chipotle aioli

Portobello 9.95
Grilled Portobello, caramelized shallot, basalmic glaze, blue cheese and baby spinach

Sausage, Egg and Cheese 8.95
Breakfast sausage, scrambled egg, white cheddar and syrup

Barbequed Pork 8.95
Braised pork, home made BBQ and gruyere

Brie Chicken 7.95
With fresh green apple

Hawaiian 6.95
Ham, pineapple, and swiss cheese

Eggplant Capponata 7.95
Eggplant puree, roasted tomatoes, whole milk ricotta and capers

Caprese 6.95
Tomato, basil, mozzarella

Spinach and Shaved Garlic 5.95

Bacon and Sharp Cheddar 6.95

Walnut, Roast Beet and Goat Cheese 7.95

Ham and Gruyere 6.95

Morning Sandwiches

Egg Lyonnaise 6.95
Carmelized onion and chevre cheese on brioche

Sausage, Egg and Cheese 6.95
With white cheddar on a pretzel bun

Cherrywood Egg 6.95
Smoked bacon and gruyere on a croissant

Black Forest Ham & Egg 6.95
Black Forest ham and gruyere on white bagel

Hawaiian Breakfast Sandwich 6.95

Lox 10.95
Red onion, caper, smoked salmon & cream cheese

Bagel with cream cheese 2.95


Old Fashioned Oatmeal
2.95 cup
3.95 bowl

Apple Cinnamon
Banana honey
Candied walnut and dried cranberry


Fresh home made soups
New England clam chowder
Cup 3.50 bowl 5.00

Soup du jour

Soup and 1/2 sandwich

Excludes salmon and wraps


Italian Sodas 2.50
Are a blend of Sparkling water and flavored syrups


Cafe Latte
Cafe Cappuccino
Macchiato (Italiano)
Cafe Au Lait
Cafe bonbon


Cafe Caramel
Cafe Vanilla
Cafe Hazelnut
White Mocha
Peppermint Mocha

Hot Drinks

Hot Chocolate
Hot Cider
Brewed Coffee


Cafe espresso, Granita, Lungo, or Restretto
Solo 1.50
Doppio 2.50
Con panna .50

Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs increase your risk of food borne illness. Please tell the server if your party has any food allergies

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