How to recognize heart problems

Fear of heart attack is present even among the younger population. It is why it is important to know what form of symptoms you need to recognize if you want to cure heart problems. Lots of stress, wrong diets and lack of physical activity are primary causes of young people having problems with the heart or even having a heart attack. Here are some of the main symptoms which are required doctor’s attention.

Unpleasant feeling in chest

corazon-infartoIf you are heaving uncomfortable feeling in your chest, then this can be quite a good warning which suggests you should visit the doctor. Many people just before their heart attack feel this kind of pain. It can sometimes be a pain, which is completely normal and goes by as it comes.

Pain which spreads in your arm

Many people said that their pain from the chest, easily crosses over to the left hand.  It is a classic symptom which suggests directly that your heart has some problem.

Nausea, stomach pain

If you are having this kind of pain with the arm and chest pain, then there might be some good chances that you will have a heart attack. Your stomach might be “increased” due to the abdominal swelling.


sweating-regulate-body-temperature_3e11958048aa2f12It can also be a symptom of a heart attack but also some other conditions which demand doctor’s attention. Cold sweat can be related to the heart attack.


Many people feel different just before the heart attack strikes them. They have some fear that something wrong will happen.

Swelling of feet, ankles

128209-418x287-Swollen-ankles-in-the-elderlyIt can also be a symptom of various problems with your heart. Swelling without any major problems isn’t normal, so try to get to the doctor as fast as you can.

Hard breathing

If you are feeling that you are out of breath quickly or that you are breathing hard, that can be a quite good example that something is wrong with your heart. Lungs and heart are connected organs, and when something is wrong with one, then there might be a good chance that the other one is damaged.

Irregular pulse

This kind of thing is a direct symptom that something is wrong with your heart. You can go to the doctor because of this symptom. If dizziness follows it, then it might be possible that heart failure is imminent. Sometimes irregular pulse can be caused by anxiety or stress.

It is important that people understand that few interesting tricks and hints can be quite useful for their life. If you know how to recognize these symptoms, then you might have much more time for an intervention. With these few steps, you may live longer and with a proper diet, you can completely avoid any heart complications. With the right balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and with the right mix of minerals and vitamins, long life is guaranteed. You will enjoy your life as long as you pay attention to several things that can be crucial for your health.